Wednesday, 9 November 2011

140 Characters

I've written before about Chris Floyd's '140 Characters' but that was before it had that title.  Previously it was his 'Portwit' project.  Chris social life had shrunk as the technological advances in his profession progressed.  Before he knew it, he was conversing more with people on Twitter than with some of his oldest friends.  So he set out to meet them, photograph them and find out what they thought of Twitter. 

The number of subjects soon racked up and an obvious number to stop at cropped up.  It was a brilliant idea that seems to have reinvigorated Chris.  It also inspired me to start thinking about how friendships were changing - pretty sure I've banged on about it on here before.  I was also inspired to tell the story of the 140 and it ended up being my first entry for the Huffington Post here.

The shot on the right is of Miranda Sawyer, one of the best writers around.  If you want something brilliant to read, particularly if you ever wondered what existence is all about,  you should find something thought provoking here.

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