Wednesday, 27 January 2010


So far I've resisted the lure of the iPhone, even with all those sexy apps.  It would just be one more screen that I would be required to look at in the course of a day.  If one good thing has come out of the requirement for modern day workers to perform their daily tasks at computer terminals, it might be, if they're anything like me, that they watch less TV.  Sometimes I just can't face the goggle box after a day in front of several other screens. Its BBC Breakfast for me while I'm spooning porridge or eggs down my gullet, then a monitor for 8 or so hours at work if I'm freelancing for someone.  Then it's the laptop when I get home for a bit to deal with all the emails I swerved during the day, for Facebook and Twitter, for this blog and others.  Depending who is online, it might also be time for a Skype or MSN.   Then there's always the lure of 'Enders or the 9pm movie on Film4 and Family Guy is always hard to resist, right?  Even in the pub I might find myself looking into someone's photos on their phone or a video of them goofing about.  If it's not on screen, does it even exist anymore?

So the release of the iPad is just another gadget that will add to my paranoia about the amount of time I spend looking at a screen.  Sure I want one; if the success of the Pod and the Phone are anything to go by it seems inevitable that in a couple of years you'll find me on a train running my finger over the screen of one more tenderly that I would a new lover.  Damn them if the bods at Apple haven't found another way to eat into some of the rare non-screen time I had left.  Shitty weather makes me happy as it gives me an excuse to forsake my bike and get on the train, which means I can read.  Old fashioned paper with words printed on it: a book, a newspaper, something tangible in my hands.  Even reading a restaurant menu these days provides me with a thrill, albeit relatively minor. How long before I'm tapping on the table to order and the job queues are full of ex-waiters?

And in other news, the answer to the question this blog poses recently was yes - I ended up writing for Shortlist.  Now I'm off to get on the laptop to find out how long it is before they release the iPad in this country...

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