Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Importance of Encouragement

Following my 'I'm over it' post a few weeks back, I got an encouraging email from someone I used to write for before he moved jobs, telling me he steers a lot of the interns towards it for 'it's candid insight'.    It gave me a bit of a boost, so thanks Duncan.  If you're an intern and you're reading this, hope you find something worth reading.  Also, if you know someone whose writing you enjoy, let them know.  They might really need to hear it.

What I've remembered since that miserable post is why I started writing in the first place: it's because I really like doing it.  A restaurant review I wrote some time ago has just been posted by the Editor and I'm really happy with it - I think it's a good bit of writing.  To the Americans reading this, us Brits are not good at blowing our own trumpet, so enjoy this rarity.  Click HERE to read the post.

The other thing that happened after I'd written that post is that I got another enquiry about producing some more content.  Funny how the work comes to you just when you're starting to lose hope.  

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