Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Secret of Success

I've only just realised that I'm interested in achievers.  I'm interested because I haven't achieved myself, because I'd like to and I want to know how it's done.  There's a huge market for it of course - every notable CEO of every successful company has probably put a book out describing how to get there at some point. Given that there are a lot of readers coming to this site from outside of the UK, I should explain who Arabella Weir is.

'The Fast Show' was a very successful and much loved half hour comedy show performed by six people on the television channel BBC2.  Arabella Weir was one of those six.  She went on to write a couple of books and now describes herself as a comedy writer and performer.  Arabella puts her success down to one thing: determination.  She has a lot of interesting knowledge to impart about the insecurities and doubts that crop up along the way and she's my latest Pass Me On.  You can get the inside story by clicking here.

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