Sunday, 5 February 2012


By way of the writers group that I go to, I discovered Authonomy recently and thought it was worth a punt.  I've had the bones of a book written (100,000 words) for some time now and have been sporadically redrafting, which I find a bit of a chore (though I'm sure that it's absolutely essential).  I'm just at the point of sending off the first three chapters and a query letter to literary agents so Authonomy seemed like a good way to dip my toe in the water although I've had problems figuring out what genre it might fit into.  'Can't Be Sure' (the book what I wrote, as Eric and Ernie might have it) is the male version of chick lit, whatever that is ('dick lit' has been one friend's suggestion).  Fifteen years ago it would have been the same kind of thing that Hornby, Parsons et all were writing.  I've googled a bit and the closest genre description I've found is 'new lad lit'.  Unfortunately for me it's the genre the Telegraph were proclaiming the death of about ten years ago.  Authonomy suggests genres, so I've had to go with 'Fiction' 'Humour' 'Chick Lit' and 'Popular Culture'.  Not ideal, but that categorisation is bringing different types of readers to it, which is at least good for feedback.

Anyway, if you're reading this and you're interested, you can read it here.  I've found it useful having to write a 25 word description of it and having changed it a couple of times, I've gone with 'If you like chick lit, this is the book for you. But only if you're ready for the man's side of the story.' The longer version is '29 year old Andrew Winters is ready to settle down. He's moved in with his ambitious girlfriend Rachel, his best friend Paul is always up for a beer and he's got a steady job. The only problem is that he fancies his colleague Kate. Worse, she seems to like him too. People say you know when you've found the right person. But how can you be sure? 'Can't Be Sure' is a male take on the confusing business of finding 'the one'.  It's a lot about love, the choices we make and temptation.  There's quite a bit that should make you laugh and quite a bit of sex in it too.  Maybe it's a sex comedy - Woody Allen gets away with that doesn't he?  Hope you like it and your support, by way of comments, or backing me on the site, would be much appreciated.


  1. Can't get FB to share this but will try again later.

    What's One Day by David Nicholls catergorised as? Sounds similiarish. x

  2. Sam

    Amazon is sometimes good for this, although some of the genres are a bit wishy washy. On there it comes under 'contemporary fiction' or 'romantic comedy' (romcom - which is usually more associated with film).