Monday, 7 September 2009

Go Large

If the script-writers of the new Sex and the City 2 film are short of ways in which to have Samantha push new sexual boundaries, they could always have her opt to get her G Spot enlarged during her lunch hour. It puts my usual lunchtime practice of hopefully discovering a new sandwich at Pret firmly in the shade. Paris Aesthetics, just off Park Ave in Manhattan, is currently offering the service with the assurance that no recovery time is necessary and that you can resume normal sexual activity after 4 hours. Because you’re going to want to try it out as soon as you can, right? Given that the larger medical community continues to disagree over the Grafenburg spot, to give it its full name, this seems nothing short of miraculous.

Most interestingly in their description of the service on their website, before it gets enlarged, ‘the doctor will locate your G-spot’. Samantha Jones would surely see this as an unintended bonus and it would seem that Paris Aesthetics is missing a trick here. Wouldn’t a service for couples that claims to identify this mystical and magical patch be a sure fire winner? We can only hope that some enterprising entrepreneur gets hold of the technology and pitches the idea on Dragons Den. Then we’d see just how far Deborah Meaden really can raise those eyebrows.

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